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Diversity, Equity & inclusion Conversations with the Author of The Queens' English

Understanding language that celebrates queer culture and helps us explore the fluidity and complexity of human expression connects us.

All of us have a gender identity, a way of expressing our gender, a sexual orientation, and a romantic orientation, as well as a need to understand those who are different from us. The Queens' English for DEI celebrates diversity, promotes cultural literacy, and empowers us all! 

The Queens’ English, The LGBTQIA+ Dictionary for Lingo and Colloquial Phrases is a resource to help guide conversations on inclusivity, diversity, and intersectionality. Featuring over 800 terms used to describe our collect gay and queer experience, The Queens’ English celebrates the spectrum of identity and sexuality and promotes cultural awareness, understanding, and visibility.

Language is powerful and the most useful tool for building inclusivity. The Queens’ English for DEI strives to build overarching unity, connection, and compassion. This platform champions our uniqueness and authentically celebrates all of humanity. It highlights the diverse and intersectional identities that make up the LGBTQIA+ community, navigates conversation around the importance of empowering queer identity, and helps bring visibility and understanding to queerness, gayness, Blackness and transness. The Queens’ English for DEI helps organizations, small businesses, educational institutions, and corporations gain the knowledge and compassion needed to thrive. 

Ready for this DEI experience?

The Queens’ English for DEI is the effective transformation

tool you need today!

The Queens’ English for DEI:

Celebrate Diversity, Stand for Equality, and Promote CulturAL Literacy.

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